What goes into fire retardant used in rim fire air drops

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5 Colorado wildfires continue to tax state resources as ...

An air attack is underway with a tanker dropping flame retardant and a helicopter conducting bucket drops. The fire broke out in the Gold Hill Trail area near Breckenridge.

An air tanker drops a load of flame retardant on the ...

A DC-10 Air Tanker drops fire retardant near home in the evening as the Black Forest Fire continues to burn out of control for a second straight day near Colorado Springs on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. The fire has consumed 11,500 acres.

Fighting wildfires from the air -- Is it cost-effective?

The aerial attacks in the Rim Fire alone cost taxpayers nearly $11 million, $8 million for the aircraft and another $3 million for the retardant.

Dropping Fire Retardant Stock Photos and Images - alamy.com

- MAFFS 3 of the Wyoming Air National Guard's 153rd Airlift Wing banks out over some trees after dropping fire retardant near the Rim Fire. The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park is still growing and is now the 4th largest fire in California history at 222,777 acres and 40% containment as of Sunday Sept. 1st ...

Aerial arsenal key to saving towns Calaveras County's ...

Within 12 minutes of the Rim Fire being reported, aircraft were on scene dropping retardant. Within four and a half hours, 32,021 gallons had been used to slow the fires front.

Governor: At least 13 homes destroyed in Utah fire

Aug 14, 2013· A firefighter monitors a back fire while battling the Rim Fire on Aug. 22 in Groveland, Calif. The Rim Fire is out of control and threatens 2,500 homes outside Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite fire: Air pollution in park worse than in Beijing

A helicopter drops retardant on the Ferguson fire on the north side of Highway 140 and the Merced River in Mariposa County, Calif., Saturday, July 21, 2018. (Andrew Kuhn/The Merced Sun-Star via AP)

Video Offers A "Tanker's-Eye View" Of Yosemite National ...

Retardant drops from air tankers have become a standard weapon in the fight against large wildfires, such as the Rim Fire affecting a portion of Yosemite National Park and a much larger area of National Forest and private lands.

Aerial firefighting - Wikipedia

Another wide body jetliner that is currently being used as an air tanker is the modified McDonnell Douglas DC-10 operated by the 10 Tanker Air Carrier company as the DC-10 Air Tanker. It can carry up to 12,000 US gallons (45,400 l) of fire fighting retardant.

El Portal Fire grows to 4,200 acres, Foresta evacuations ...

plane drops fire retardant as firefighters battle a blaze in El Portal, Calif., near Yosemite National Park on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 (Al Golub)

Miranda Fire (part 3 of 3): retardant drops

Miranda Fire (part 3 of 3): retardant drops Larry described the initial response to the Miranda Fire, which burned on Federal lands: The fire started within 600 feet of state protected land and the initial ground response was by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Wings Over Fire Tony Morris 01-25-14 - Airtanker.org

CAYLYM GUARDIAN SYSTEM. Wings Over Fire. Tony Morris 01-25-14 . It is encouraging to hear that the Federal Government has made available more C-130 air tankers to the U.S. Forest Service, to aid in the suppression of wildfires.

US Forest Service studies effectiveness of aerial attacks ...

air drops and fire retardant are kevin tested : here at the u.s. forest service's fire lab in missoula montana. SCIENTIST SHIRLEY ZYLSTRA HAS BEEN TESTING RETARDANT.

C-130J Fire Retardant Drops POV - Pier Fire (Fresno) MAFFS

Sep 10, 2017· A U.S. Air National Guard C-130J Aircraft from the 146th Airlift Wing, equipped with the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) follow a

Detwiler Fire keeps growing at night unexpectedly The ...

An air tanker drops fire retardant on a hilltop next to Lake McClure to battle the Detwiler Fire near Coulterville. ANDREW KUHN Merced Sun-Star

GAO Report Critical of U.S. Forest Service Aviation Strategy

The Rim Fire In California; 22 Aug. ... Canadian pilots must log all of their firefighting tasks daily for use in the study of retardant drops, but in the U.S. no reports are required from pilots. ... (MAFFS), a self-contained roll on/roll off unit that converts C-130s into air tankers, will not fit the C27J, meaning an additional $10 million ...

How to Extinguish a #ForestFire This... - Palo Alto Free ...

Retardant alone is not enough to squash an inferno that is creating its own weather. (5) Instead of eight C-130s dropping retardant around the country there should be thirty C-130s dropping retardant on the Rim fire from the moment it became a threat. In order to get the upper hand quickly and decisively a crown fire needs to be knocked down to the ground. This can be accomplished liquid nitrogenwith an

An air tanker drops retardant on the Gibraltar Fire, as ...

An air tanker drops retardant on the Gibraltar Fire, as firefighters watch from a peak in Los Padres National Forest above Santa Barbara, California in

Air Force C-130s return home from battling western blaze

A U.S. Air Force Reserve C-130 Hercules from the 302nd Airlift Wing, at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., takes off from McClellan Field to help fight the massive Rim Fire in California's Sierra Nevada.

Do air drops of fire retardant actually work to put out ...

first: rotary wing (helicopters) water drops directly on the flanks or head of the fire then later used to clean up hotspots in mop up. second: fixed wing retardant drops, a slurry- outside the flanks of the fire or out ahead of it- not usually directly on the fire- building a box around it.

Aerial arsenal key to saving towns Calaveras County's ...

Air support on the 2013 Rim Fire was equally helpful in saving communities. Within 12 minutes of the Rim Fire being reported, aircraft were on scene dropping retardant.

Dropping Fire Retardant Stock Photos and Images - alamy.com

A Lockheed C-130H assigned to North Carolinas Air National Guard 145th Airlift Wing taxies down the ramp July 1 at McClellan Airfield in Sacramento, Calif., after completing a successful mission of dropping fire retardant on the Piute fire burning in Californias Sequoia National Forest.

June 15 Highline Fire Morning Update - InciWeb the ...

Dozer line is being constructed from the High Line Trail across the Ellison Creek Drainage above the La Cienega subdivision. On the west flank the fire has been checked by retardant drops at the boundary of the 2009 Rim Fire burn scar and is backing downhill into Dry Dude Creek.

What Are They Dumping on Wildfires? - TIME

What the air tankers are dumping is a fire retardant known as slurry, a mixture of mostly water and fertilizer designed to protect trees and other flammable material from flames. The coating clings to vegeation and insulates it from the approaching inferno; the fertilizer helps the damaged areas regrow in the wake of the blaze.

Rare footage - Plane drops fire retardant on home in SoCal ...

Dec 08, 2017· Incredible footage of fire retardant being dropped on my Dad's house during the Liberty Fire in Murrieta Ca.

Articles about Fire Retardant - latimes

The state Department of Toxic Substances Control has identified three groups of goods as priority candidates because they contain hazardous compounds that could pose dangers to people or the environment. -- Tris phosphate, or TDCPP, is used in children's foam padded sleeping products, such as nap mats, as a fire retardant.

Incredible View from Aircraft Dropping Retardant on Rim Fire

Sep 03, 2013· A screenshot from a video showing the view from the cockpit of a California Air National Guard aircraft making drop of flame retardant on the Rim Fire. Click for the video.

Idaho wildfire near Sun Valley now over 100,000 acres

Aug 18, 2013· Idaho wildfire near Sun Valley now over 100,000 acres. ... The Rim Fire is out of control and threatens 2,500 homes outside Yosemite National Park. ... A DC-10 air tanker drops fire retardant

Aerial firefighting - Wikipedia

Spotter (Air Tactical Group Supervisor) aircraft often orbit the fire at a higher altitude to coordinate the efforts of the smoke jumper, helicopter, media, and retardant-dropping aircraft; while lead planes fly low-level ahead of the airtankers to mark the trajectory for the drop, and ensure overall safety for both ground-based and aerial firefighters.

Lake fire grew after private drone flights disrupted air drops

Jun 25, 2015· Eaton said air drops had to be shut down two hours early on Wednesday because of the drone. "The fire certainly grew because we weren't able to drop the retardant," said.

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